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HONEY BEES are great beneficial insects. They help us with the natural pollination of over 100 agricultural crops in the U.S. However, an infestation in your home or property can become a dangerous situation especially for individuals that are allergic to their sting. In this picture the Honey Bees have caused a secondary infestation in this attic American Cockroaches.
Because Honey Bees are migratory and transient they do not always stay where they build and might even leave for a while only to return later. If a colony of Honey Bees is present you need a plan!


PAL Pest Arbor and Lawn has the experience to evaluate the activity, assess the infestation and provide treatment and removal of the bee hive in The Woodlands. We also provide a warranty against re-infestation. This is definitely not a do it yourself project. Honey bees have naturally cross breed with the Africanized Honey Bee and though these encounters are rare they are real. Honey Bees are excited by loud and continuous noise such as a Lawn Mower or even children playing in the yard. The noise can cause the BEES to attack and swarm from the hive to protect it. Honey bee management should be addressed by a professional. Treatment or removal of a honeybee hive and the honey product can be very messy. Because honey bee colonies are so large, only a honey bee pest control professional or experienced beekeeper can safely remove a honeybee hive. If the “HIVE” is not properly removed the next migratory swarm of Honey bees that come through will find the original Hive by pheromones the honey bees left behind and will re-infest and begin a new HIVE most likely in the same spot. Call (936) 446-9498 for a FREE estimate.

You will need to call for an Inspection and Evaluation and a written Estimate. Call Pest Arbor & Lawn today at (936) 446-9498 for all your Honey Bee Control needs!

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