Termite Control The Woodlands TX

Termite ControlColonies can range in size from just a few to 5,000,000. Termites feed on cellulose or wood materials. Some of their food source is found in the ground, like trees, and roots. Subterranean Termites will also feed on homes in The Woodlands TX areas. They work 24 hours a day and only need 1/64 of an inch to invade your home; that is about the thickness of your fingernail. The annual loss due to structural damage by termites is more than $3 billion annually! The potential danger of termite damage to unprotected buildings is greater than ever, not only because there are more termites every year but also because much of today’s construction is in previously undeveloped areas – the natural habitat of termites. Research now shows that there are as many as 25-35 colonies per Acer in our region. Protect your investment by calling PAL immediately at (936) 446-9498 or by using the quick contact form to the right. Termite Control The Woodlands TX & Monitoring That Works!

will inspect your home and other valuable structures on your property for termites, termite damage, and foraging (mud) tubes. We can also install Halo™ Electronic Monitoring system around the perimeter of structures. This Electronic Monitoring system works to detect foraging termites in areas where they are installed. Each station has an electronic cap which completes continuity between two pieces of wood located in the station. When inspected with the Halo™ scanner readings inform us if unseen activity is present in the station.

Halo Electronic Termite DetectionWHEN TREATMENT IS NECESSARY
will apply a liquid treatment zone in the area the termites are feeding. The materials that we use have a DUAL EFFECT.  First by ingesting and moving treated soil particles they get a lethal dose.  Second because the products we use are specifically targeted at termites and their biology they are slow acting. Allowing the termites to come in contact with soil in the areas where the termite control liquid was applied to protect your home. As termites return to their colony, they unknowingly deliver trace amounts of these lethal products through foraging tunnels and the colonies’ incredible maze of passageways leading to and from the colony. Termites will pass through the “treated zones” forage and even pass along food “cellulose” to rest of the colony. Essentially this will effect all that come in contact with the termites who have entered a treated zone.
Termaidor Termite Monitoring System

PAL will return quarterly to inspect the Halo™ Electronic Termite Monitoring system and the structures to assure the termites are gone and if “new” termite activity is detected our treatment process begins again. Pals’ Premier Termite Monitoring is effective and environmentally responsible too. Our Programs generally cost less annually than a full traditional Liquid treatment that has been the industry’s standard method of treatment. We offer several different treatment methods for treating Subterranean Termites.

Detection Treatment Assurance