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Bed Bugs in the Woodlands are reappearing in private homes. Bed Bugs feed on blood and come out at night to search for food. They are small, flattened insects that easily fit into small cracks and crevices. They can be found in mattresses, mattress frames, behind headboards, behind baseboards and behind pictures. Bed Bugs can crawl up to 100 feet in search of food. Call Pest Arbor & Lawn today at (936) 446-9498.

Bed Bugs have made a strong comeback. These insidious pests are moving quickly throughout our society. Prevention is always more desirable than remediation. Bed Bugs present unique challenges to our industry. Bed Bugs are great “hitchhikers”; they can hide in luggage, purses, clothing and even a wallet. They are very small in their young stages and difficult to find. Bed Bugs lay eggs frequently – usually four to five every day. Bed Bugs disperse within buildings, meaning they move away from the initial point of entry into other parts of the room or even between rooms.

The bottom line with bed bugs is that anyone can potentially carry them. Bed bug activity is independent of sanitation and economic status — they are equal opportunity pests.

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Bed bugs are attracted to sleeping people by their body temperature and odors. Bed bug bites are generally painless but occasionally a person will wake up to find bed bugs feeding. The bite site may turn red within hours or a reaction may be delayed by a few days.

Because of their habits, bed bugs are often not detected even when they feed on room occupants. Dark fecal spots, cast skins and crushed Bed Bugs are all signs of possible infestation. Bites may come from a variety of other insects, but when combined with the other signs of bed bugs, they can be a good indicator that live bed bugs are still present.

Most insect pests, such as cockroaches or ants, can be eliminated with improvements in sanitation and minimal disruption of normal operations. Bed bugs are different. They are not an indicator of poor sanitation or structural conditions. In most – if not all – situations, Bed Bugs are transported into a building in the luggage, clothing and belongings of people.

Early identification of bed bugs is critical! Your best defense is to prepare yourself and your team to EXPECT bed bugs, solidify a bed bug response plan in case they are discovered and partner with an experienced, professional pest services company. PAL Pest Arbor and Lawn is uniquely qualified to be your pest management and prevention partner.

Solving bed bug problems requires full cooperation from the home owner, tenant and/or building management and hard, persistent work on the part of PAL your licensed Pest Professional. The presence of bed bugs in a building must be seen as a very serious matter.

The only way to slow the spread of bed bugs is to prevent people from being exposed to them. Taking these steps mitigates the risk of spreading bed bugs.

  1. Nothing should be removed from an infested room(s) unless it is tightly sealed in a plastic bag.
  2. Placing pillows, bedspreads and linens in a dryer on high heat for 20 minutes is effective at killing bed bugs and eggs. Small loads are recommended for better heat distribution.
  3. Any discarded items (e.g., mattress, plastic bags, etc.) should be destroyed and immediately taken off-site so no person can salvage it.
  4. Replacement mattresses and box springs should be protected in mattress cover en casements and placed into treated rooms only after follow-up inspections have not found evidence of live bed bugs. Infested mattresses and box springs should be encased immediately to lock in bed bugs and prevent them from spreading.

Preventive applications of pesticides have been a traditional means of preventing infestation. Contrary to what you may have heard, there are many effective pesticides for the control of bedbugs. One issue with preventive applications is that Bed Bug activity is often centered on the bed and mattresses and should not be treated routinely. Because Bed Bugs can hide in any small crack or crevice, the entire room would have to be thoroughly treated, and even then they could still live on the bed successfully. Preventive applications of inorganic dusts, such as diatomaceous earth and silica gel, into wall voids and behind headboards can help suppress the spread of Bed Bugs without causing exposure to your guests.

While they do not prevent Bed Bugs, Bed Bug-proof en casements on the mattress and box springs will prevent Bed Bugs from entering these areas. This simplifies detection and removal of the Bed Bugs. En casements also save expensive mattress sets.

While it is impossible to prevent a bed bug from entering a hotel, steps can be taken to prevent the isolated introduction from becoming a full-fledged infestation.

It is imperative to discover and deal with bed bug activity early, before they have a chance to reproduce and become an infestation. All staff members should be trained in what bed bugs look like and what the signs are indicating bed bugs are present. This will allow you to discover activity shortly after they arrive and deal with it before they reproduce, spread and bite guests or staff.

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